DJ West reached out to us a little while ago with his vision and this entrepreneur gets it! He realized that photos and text really can't sell a business alone. So we lined up some shoots with him in action along with a sit down interview and boom! 

Within a day of publishing his promo video he received 3 new inquiries and booked one of them at full price. He owes those and many more to this promo video because it shows him. It's unscripted, but well planned. Scripts don't always work and viewers can tell if it's sincere or not. We had an on-camera conversation and it came of REAL! Interviews are my favorite part on any video because that's when the story comes together and then it's brought together during the edit. 

"Justin did a promotional video for my Dj Company that was completelyphenomenal! Absolutely perfect in every way. Justin is an amazing videography who has a Discount passion for bringing out the best in people through video. We were able to work together 4 times in the last few months, 3 weddings & one interview. Each time we worked together it was like we knew each other for years.....he understood me and my vision for my business. Not only that but he is extremely professional, friendly and just an all around great guy! He spent countless hours and communication with me to put my video together and it has totally been a hit. Already in 3 days of having it up, it has gotten me 1 new wedding booking and several inquiries. I respect him and admire him as a videography and I recommend him to ANY and EVERY couple that is getting married and wants to have video footage of their wedding. This is something that I highly encourage as this is your wedding day and you want to be able to relive that memory through video for the rest of your life. You want to have an amazing videographer to capture those memories as well. Thanks Justin for all you do!"

4K Video on his Homepage

Check out the video on his home page. 

Check out the video on his home page. 

I love doing these types of project and I can't believe it's my job. 

Thanks for listening,

Justin Gibby