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"You can have everything in life you want,
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Over the past 3 years Justin Gibby taught me more than just the art of “film making”. Justin taught me how to give the customer the best experience possible, how to handle the tensest situation in a calm, collected manner and how to be an overall sustainable creative. Justin is known for his honest and hardworking professionalism, I’ve never met someone so equipped in handling the wants and needs of their clients and crew members. Justin has a sharp eye behind the lens and the ability to see the future of his projects with clear vision. What I lacked before meeting Justin was the ability to instill confidence in my clients. After 3 years of shooting with Justin I’ve grown to be confident, straightforward and transparent in my approach to clients. Justin gave me more than tips, pointers and insights; he gave me an opportunity. I believe the right opportunities are cultivated by hard work and dedication. Short-cuts and easy-way- outs are no good for Justin, you must be willing to work hard and when its all over you’ll be glad you did.
— BRENT HEARN, Professional Cinematographer

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Been producing since 2002, Film School Graduate, On-Camera Interviewing, Camera Techniques, Sales, Aerial Photography, Aerial Cinematography, Web Design, Web UI/UX, Marketing, Multiple Streams of Income, Sports, Business Critique, Traveling for Business, and Doing things different. 

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