Questions to ask your Wedding Videographer

This post was created today from an email. I was writing a prospective Bride back and wanted to let her know I'm happy to answer any questions she has, in an un-biased way. Then I thought I'd write some questions for her to ask the videographers she was researching. Below is the list. 

As you research videographers, you'll learn they either do this for a Hobby, Side Business, a Photographer that says they shoot video, or someone who does it Full-Time. Price will range from $1000 to $10000, it’s one of those things you get what you pay for… 

Either way, the video business is what I'm meant to be in and I've met a lot others that I would say the same about. It's a blast! Shooting the event is one thing, then it comes to the edit. Do they know how to edit, audio mix, and tell a story? Or do they just know how to make a music decide. 

Behind the Scenes at the Upper Shirley Vineyard - Photo: Tiffany Heidenthal 

Behind the Scenes at the Upper Shirley Vineyard - Photo: Tiffany Heidenthal 

Here are some questions to ask a Videographer:

  1. How long have you been shooting weddings?

  2. Do you have LAV Mic’s for the Ceremony Officiant? Groom?

  3. Do you have LAV Mic’s or a Audio recorder for the Toasts/Speeches?

  4. Do you have a 2nd video shooter?

  5. How do you shoot the Ceremony without being distracting to guests?

  6. Have you worked with a Photographer before and do you communicate well with them?

  7. When did you shoot your first wedding?

  8. Do you have any Vendor References for your work?

  9. Do you license your music for my video?

  10. Have you shot a wedding with your camera before?

  11. Do you bring a Gimbal for smooth cinematic video shots? 

  12. Will you have a Wide Lens and a Telephoto lens?

  13. Can I see one of your recent wedding videos?

  14. What's more important to you, marketing footage or a good memory for the couple?

  15. Do you outsource video editing?

  16. Do you use a Video Cameras with fixed lens at all?

  17. Do you have a Drone and are you Certified by the FAA? Do you own a backup drone?

  18. Do you carry Liability Insurance for your business?

  19. Are you good at making my wedding guest comfortable in front of a camera?

  20. Do you bring LIGHTS for a dark reception?

  21. Is your Business licensed and Insured?

  22. Have you shot at this Venue before?

  23. What do you do if it Rains, you get sick or even hurt and can't make the wedding?

  24. How do you protect the footage, after the Wedding?

  25. How many cameras do you bring to a wedding?

  26. How much card space do you bring? Do you have backups?

  27. How many batteries do you bring for your cameras?

These were all off the top of my head and could change with time, but here you go.