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Top 5 Reasons I shoot Weddings

The wedding industry isn't for everyone. I know several business people that have been videographers, photographers or other vendors that stopped working in the wedding industry. Why? The industry can wear you out, IF you let and IF your not built for it. 

Every couple is unique in their own way and you have to be adaptable to every personality out there because you'll meet them all in the wedding industry. You're working with the couple, the parents, the extended family, the friends, the vendors, the venue, and everything in between. That's a lot of different personalities and if you can't adapt or mirror or just be sociable, it's going to be a stressful profession. 

So here are my Top 5 Reason why I'm shoot weddings


Every wedding is different in every way. The venue location, the couple, the cake, the photographer, the travel, the food, the dancing, the music, the garter toss, the exit, etc. I love new experiences with all of those things. I've traveled to 40 states and been to several countries for a reason and with weddings everyone is usually at their best. Most people are all Happy at weddings and that makes it fun!

Virginia Beach Wedding Videography


Every wedding is a new story to share. Check out Ricky and Brianna's story. I probably would have never met them, never, but I did and now get to share this sweet story. For me, this isn't work, capturing the moment and then interviewing is so fun for me. The work is in marketing, editing (sometimes), and other areas of running a business. During the interview, is probably one of the most interesting parts of story telling because you never know where it will go and you have to be a good listener to be able to dig into their story a little. I know Ricky + Bri weren't thrilled about doing the interview, but now that they have it recorded for ever they can see why we did it. Enjoy! 


I've always been one to travel and try new food locations. During my travels, I created an account on TripAdvisor. Well they just informed me I'm in the Top 15% of Reviewers in the Virginia Beach area. Ha! With Weddings...I get to go to new locations and try new food. It's a WIN WIN for me!


I have a blast at receptions. I'm usually the crazy guy running around with the Glidecam and camera smiling. I love me some good entertainment and I've definitely had some fun at many weddings. Plus, I always chat with the DJ and have a good laugh. 

I've seen some Epic cake smashes in 2016 and they never get old. I was the type that was gentle to my wife, but man when I capture moments like's so worth it. 


When a couple hires My Wife (elovephotos) and I it becomes our date night. We get to work together all day, hang out with vendors we may know previously, hang out with happy people, and capture couples big day in a way we would want our day covered. It's Awesome! I mean, everything isn't a bed or roses and we know what buttons to not push, but we also know how each other work and how to help each other. We had 5 of these date nights last year and are hoping for more, but we'll see. 

If you read all this. I'm proud of you! This was fun to write and rare that I wrote it.